419 Griptape Table OS46 OS60 OS780

Griptapes are described in letters and numbers. The most common griptapes are 80AB, 80S, OS60, OS780, HS780. The alphabetical letters stand for the glue and type of crystals. The numbers stand for the size of the crystals.  
AB (Abrasive) is dark black griptape often used on the cheapest skateboards.
S (Silicon Carbide) is the standard for high quality glue and crystals.
OS (Oil Glue & Silicon Carbide) is the glue and crystals used for pro griptapes.
HS (High level Silicon Carbide) is the highest quality material, but also the most expensive.
The number determines the crystal size. The smaller the number, the bigger the grit. Bigger grit equals more grip. 60 is a common high grit grip tape. 80 is a common low grit grip tape. 780 is the most used grit-level for pro grip tape. 3-digit numbers are a combination of two crystal sizes. Therefor 780 is a mixture of crystals of size 70 and size 80.

Let's take a look at 419 RAW griptape. The industry standard is OS780 or slight variations of sizing of crystals such as OS80 or OS70. For 419 RAW a coarser grit is used such as OS60 (Medium RAW) or even OS46 (RAW) but in all cases the main variation is the size of the grit whereas the process for manufacturing is much the same.

The key to achieving the best grip during manufacture is to ensure that the individual crystals are vertical.

419 RAW - OS46 grit size for added control, superior traction and long lasting durability!